I’m Mary, a raging nerd and wedding photographer based near Detroit, but I travel all over the world capturing incredible wedding days. I got started photographing shelter pets at my local animal control and fell in love with weddings immediately. I’ve been in the industry nearly 10 years, and I’ve photographed weddings from London to Jamaica to Universal Studios. My top priority as a wedding photographer is to keep you relaxed, comfortable and confident in my skills to document your day as beautifully as possible.

The most important foundation of my business is inclusion. I came out as bisexual 6 years ago, and when I got married I realized how much harder it would have been to plan my wedding had I been marrying a woman instead of a man. I don’t believe that’s fair or right, so I want to make sure ANY client can tell exactly how much I care about them and their wedding day. I want to show my clients the difference between acceptance and enthusiasm, because unfortunately there’s plenty of vendors whose calendars suddenly fill up when the couple doesn’t fit their “aesthetic” or their personal views. Even LGBTQ+ friendly vendors can frequently leave out trans and nonbinary clients. I’m tired of seeing nothing but skinny, “societally” attractive white couples in wedding pictures. I want to see a bride with blue hair and a D20 hairclip, a celebrant rocking a shiny suit that matches their infinity stone, a groom looking at his husband like he can see their entire future in his eyes.

When I’m not behind the camera, I’m usually watching movies with my husband Anthony, our two dogs Chaplin & Moo, and our snaggletoothed cat Duffy. My favorite way to de-stress is playing video games. Mass Effect is my favorite, and I’m a HUGE Harry Potter nerd (except JK… ugh.) I love tattoos and have quite a few (including a platypus, a tiny pirate ship and bioshock), though if you’d prefer I cover them I’d be more than happy to. I love tacos and caribbean food, and there’s nothing better in the world than when I’m sad and my 70 pound dog stands on me and wiggles until I smile.